An odd observation about states

Just finished watching the results of the 2012 national election.  Looking at a map of “red” and “blue” states, I noticed that the blue states are all states where driving a truck is a particular pain.  Excessive traffic, few truck facilities etc. The red states are those that seem to be considerably more truck friendly.


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  1. sdlombardi on

    It’s been a while TD: I’m always confused by the whole red vs blue state distinction. So I don’t look at one state as a color. Generalities are for the most part worthless. I drove out and back to Colorado through Kansas once, and noticed the rest areas had no or little toilet paper and were generally filthy. It wasn’t just one or two but everyone I stopped in. I never went back, now I drive through Nebraska. I think the coffee they serve at stops in either Kansas or Nebraska is really lousy. Neither state knows how to make coffee, neither has Dunkin Donuts or Caribou, but the people seem pretty friendly in Nebraska. Nebraska by constitution doesn’t allow punitive damages which means no moron who is grossly negligent or stupid to the nth degree can be punished civily. Is that a red or blue trait? I’m not sure. Are gays red or blue people? I guess I’m not sure of that either. I figure there are nice Nebraskans, heck I know a few, and some morons too. I figure there are criminals in each state, just like in Iowa. I know Omaha has a few rich people, who vote Democrat. I wonder if that makes them purple people? What do you think? And if I’m a registered Republican but found GeeDubya too stupid to be President (so I didn’t vote for him or the crook Romney), then am I red, blue or purple? Okay enough…

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