Good News

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While the economy might be in the doldrums, the good news is highway safety is improving. A story at: relates that truck related fatalities dropped nearly 18% in Minnesota for 2008.

Another story at: tells that truck related fatalities dropped 12% in Wisconsin during the same period. It also tells us that safety is a priority for the trucking industry.

Yup. Sure is — at least for most companies. The problem is those few companies who don’t realize their bottom line depends on safety, or (incorrectly) believe that being safe will “cost more money than it’s worth” or have other negative impacts on their business.

Get a clue guys. If you think improving safety won’t improve your bottom line, then you’re conducting business with your head in the sand. Not only that, but you may end up with plenty of time to contemplate this courtesy of either State or Federal authorities. A story here: tells of the six year prison sentence handed to a trucking company owner for a truck with defective brakes. A brake job on a truck is only a few hundred bucks — and I’ll bet his legal fees were considerably higher than that. Hmm….I guess saving the price of the brake job wasn’t such a good deal after all.


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