Honey, does this truck make me look fat?

I think the State of Florida is just a little obsessed about weight.

I ran a load down there the other day, and after six scales (and two agricultural inspections), it turned out that I wasn’t overweight.  If my backhaul had been ready that day, I would have gotten up to eight (!) weigh stations (and a total of three ag inspections) for the day.

Are they afraid that I was going to stop and have a really big lunch?

C’mon Florida.  It wastes a lot of fuel to stop at a scale.  I can understand once, or maybe even twice (like most other states), but this is a little excessive.

It can take from one to three gallons of fuel to get a truck back up to highway speed, depending on the load and the road.

On a more positive note, with freight being so bad, I didn’t have any trouble at all finding a parking space.  In fact, the truckstop I was at was maybe only half full or so.  Quite different than usual.

Freight has been very erratic.  I had a good week a couple of weeks ago, but I’m thinking I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been getting some halfway decent loads, but I’ve also had sit and wait between every one for a day or so.  Well, that’s ok.  Gives me time to blog 🙂

I’ve also been writing a blog on InjuryBoard.com.  If you’re interested in truck safety, you can go to: http://voices.injuryboard.com/ and read my posts there.
Comments and questions welcome.


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