Here’s a good way to waste stimulus dollars

a story at:,0,7241472.story

tells of four states that are going to spend $5 million to study adding truck-only lanes to I-70.

Nice, but there are much worse things that really need attention.  What would be much more useful is a truck express route through Chicago.  Run it from I-65 in Indiana, to I-94 in Wisconsin.  Have another leg go out to I-80 west of Chicago.  Run a third to I-90 also west of Chicago.  Building truck express lanes in those corridors would save thousands of truck hours every day.  Oh, but wait a second — that would be intelligent, logical, and efficient.  Since those three things seem to be in rather short supply when it comes to transportation planning, I guess it probably won’t happen.

Of course, wherever it’s decided to put truck express lanes, they will almost certainly be funded by tolls — and probably fairly expensive ones.  That’s ok — I’ll just pass along those exorbitant tolls to you — in the form of higher freight rates, increasing the cost of everything that moves through any toll corridor.

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