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In response to a story about the possibility of Illinois raising it’s truck speed limit to 65 mph.

When the national speed limit of 55 mph was removed, there were many dire predictions of “carnage on the highways” and “the gutters would run red with blood”. Guess what? Didn’t happen. In fact, in a number of states, accident rates DECLINED! Out west, speed limits on interstates are 75 mph – for cars and trucks. Funny, then, that there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of carnage on the highways out there. Indiana recently raised their truck speed limit to 65. No carnage or blood running in the gutters there either.

As a trucker with well over 1 million consecutive safe miles, I’ve seen drivers in automobiles doing all kinds of stuff while driving. One of the worst, is the person in such a huge hurry that they have to weave in and out of traffic. Throw in a bunch of semis that are moving 10 mph slower than the flow of cars, and you have a recipe for disaster.

There are lots of other things that could be done to improve safety on the highways. Since those things are not particularly on point for this story, please visit my blog at:
and read the post “Watchdogs and the HOS regulations” for a few ideas on things that would help.


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  1. Amy on

    Hi Thanks for the blog on Jason’s story..I have attached a link that his family provided to me tonight. They are in the process of trying to get a law passed to create a law for more areas for truckers to be able to sleep. Please see the web-site and sign the petition. Thank You.

  2. truckied on

    Hi Amy,

    Please re-send the link — it didn’t show up in your comment.

  3. JoeKamel on

    Kudos to the governor for getting some ‘good’ sense.

    Aggravating enough that you get the LLB’s (Left Land Bandits) driving BELOW the speed limit, often because others in the slower lanes are going slower as well.
    Remember folks: the 85th Percentile (the speed at which 85% of vehicles are moving) is the GOLD STANDARD on what is the ”safest” speed on a given stretch of roadway, regardless of the posted limit. Many roadways posted artificially low at say, 35mph; are perfectly safe at 45-50mph.

    Much like a pilot, sea captain or train engineer; truckers have one goal in mind: to get to their destination in 1 piece, in the most safe, fast and sane manner possible. I’ve never been a trucker but understand the majority are professionals and NOT responsible for the accidents the false hysterics feel the need to bleed their viewpoints on.

    Ironic then, that a real-world measure of deaths on roadways in the U.S.A. is ”number of million (billion?) vehicle miles driven.” Regardless of speed limits, during less travel seasons (ie; winter, economic recession/depression, high fuel costs), deaths go down. IIRC they were 38,000 or so in the U.S. last year, down from the typical 42,000-50,000 of the 90’s (Google the statistics I can’t remember the exact ones offhand). This- DESPITE higher limits for legal speeds nationwide.

    Keep in mind one other thing: Lower limits are about CONTROL: Over you. If it isn’t some government agency (ie; the State Highway Patrol) trying to keep you in line, it’s the insurance industry vying to keep lower limits (and hence more tickets/points and $$$ coming to them).

    Also a bone to pick with what I consider the worst drivers this side of the Mississippi: OHIO drivers. No matter what state I’ve been in, inevitably the LLB’s are from OHIO 75% of the time or more. WHERE is the OSHP when it comes to enforcing (it’s law folks) ”Keep Right Except When Passing?” This alone could be the most no-cost way for clearing a lot of the congestion.

    ps. I’m from Ohio. Regrettably.

    Lastly- Interstates were originally designed for SAFE travel a la Autobahn speeds of 80-90mph (130-145kph). IF the Safety Nazis want to keep the holier-than-thou ”Drive 55” campaign alive, they best be over in the far right lane.

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