Flying Ice From Trucks

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Ice and snow are problems with ALL vehicles – not just trucks.  The question is, what can be done about it? The answer is, not a whole lot; at least not in practical terms. There are scrapers that will remove snow, but ice is generally stuck on too tight for them to be effective. The only truly effective way of dealing with this would be electrically heated trailer roofs, sides, and bottoms.  The cost of operating such a trailer would be prohibitive, not even including the cost of equipping a trailer.

It’s unlikely that truck drivers are even aware that they have an ice buildup on their trailers. In a short space of time, trucks can go through rapidly changing weather conditions. Mountainous terrain is a particular problem area for ice buildup and shedding.  Go up a mountain, rain changes to snow, and freezes on the trailer. Go back down, and it melts some, and falls off.

So, what do you do?

The best solution, is to stay well away from ANY vehicle likely to shed ice. If you’re passing, get out in the other lane well in advance of overtaking. When you pass, do so expeditiously. Not only can trucks shed ice from their roofs, they can also pick up chunks between dual tires, and throw them out.  Mud flaps catch much of that, but a big chunk coming out at just the wrong time can bounce under the flap, or even rip a mud flap right off it’s brackets.


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