Freight still sucks

I’ve had a moderately entertaining week…NOT!

I’ve been sitting 12 hours or so after every load waiting to get  something else.  I will say that the loads have been generally decent when I do get them.  I even had a reasonable (2800 mile) week last week.  The only thing is, when freight was good, that would have been 3500+ miles.  At least my truck is paid for.

It’s been wild weather this week.  It was 15 below zero at the house when I left.  I delivered a load in San Benito, TX, and it was 85 degrees.  I have to look at my thermometer before I get out of the truck.  What other job lets you go from blizzard to summer in 24 hours? 🙂

I’m getting ready for tax time. I’ve got all of the stuff sorted out; now I just need to get it into the computer. I might take 34 hours off in the next couple of days and get it all put in.  My accountant has given me an “A+” every year for having stuff so well organized — it makes her job relatively easy.

I’ve been working on writing a page about sharing the road with trucks.  If you have any questions that you’d like to see answered, please leave a comment, and I’ll see about including it.

Comments and questions welcome.


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  1. emma on

    Does your wife gather up all of your truck receipts and organize them?
    My husband says most trucker wives do this for their husbands.

  2. truckied on

    Yes Emma, most wives take care of the bookkeeping. Many also function as dispatchers, finding loads for their husbands on the road. Many also do this while they ride along with their husbands.

  3. emma on

    Thanks for getting back with me, Truckie. I’m supposing other truckers’ wives do not work outside the home. I’m far too busy to act as bookkeeper for my husband

  4. truckied on

    No Emma, most trucker’s wives work full time, take care of the kids, and prepare gourmet meals for their husbands when they come home. The bookkeeping is just a small part of that, and not terribly time consuming. If trucker’s wives weren’t doing the bookkeeping, they’d probably just sit around playing mah-johng or something.

  5. Roger on

    Ineresting blog. Are you still operating and answering questions from folks interested in the trucking business?

  6. truckied on


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